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25 Nov 2000 01:10:12 -0500

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Date: 25 Nov 2000 01:10:12 -0500
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Posted-Date: 25 Nov 2000 01:09:17 EST

<> wrote:
>I'm trying to make sense of the MLRISC backend system for compilers but
>I have a problem with the MDGen tool.where can i get some substantial
>documentation for the MDGen tool(used with the MLRISC system).please
>help.thank you.


A brief summary: MDGen is MLRISC's machine description tool. MLRISC's
md files are used specifying various aspects of the instruction set,
including the compiler representation of the instruction set, the
semantics of the instructions, assembly, machine encoding, reservation
tables, latencies, delay slots, etc. The syntax and static semantics
of MLRISC md are largely derived from Standard ML, though the module
system is quite a bit simpler. The RTL specifying language is very
similar to lambda RTL, but without subtyping. Other stuff are
borrowed from numerous other md languages, such as gcc's md, SLED,
HP's HMDES etc. The tool generates code that corresponds to the
machine dependent part of the MLRISC system (which is a also written
in ML).

Unfortunately, there is currently no documentation because it is still
very new, and is constantly changing.

Allen Leung (

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