Re: C compiler : the semantical analysis level

"Wayne Roberts" <>
15 Oct 2000 16:31:38 -0400

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From: "Wayne Roberts" <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 15 Oct 2000 16:31:38 -0400
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References: 00-10-096
Keywords: C, analysis

The Dragon Book of course. Some also like Allen Holub's book, but you have
to wade through a thousand pages of errata to make any sense of it.
"Introduction to Compiler Construction" by Thomas Parsons makes a good intro
to the Dragon Book. There are also some books that are available online. I
don't have the URLs handy but check the FAQ.
The moderator's book on Lex and Yacc is also a good resource for using those
tools (and their free equivalents).


Bertrand Mollinier Toublet <> wrote in message
> I am currently trying to write, using bison and flex, a C
> "compiler". I put compiler between double-quotes because my output is
> not supposed to be executable code, but useful information taken out of
> the parsed C file. I have found a lexical and syntactical definition of
> the C language on the internet (provided by Jutta Degener. Thanks Jutta
> !).
> So... now's the difficult part : write the sematical level of the
> parser. I gotta admit, I have absolutely no experience in compiler
> writting, which obviously doesn't help : (

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