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12 Oct 2000 22:33:02 -0400

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Date: 12 Oct 2000 22:33:02 -0400
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Hi Julsrud,

In the '92..'94 timeframe I developed a production CHILL translator
using Applied Conversion Technologies X4MR which was licensed to
Siemens AG, and used to translate millions of lines of code. I am
available for casual help, or a consulting contract on your project.
Depending on sophistication of the actual source you must convert, the
project may take a long time. Some of the more complicated problems
include scope, powersets, variant records, imbedded routine depth,
GRANT/SEIZE symbol structure, and the sophistication of the

I noted in another response to your post that a CHILL frontend is
available, but haven't seen this yet. There seems to be at least a
couple of dialects for CHILL, based on the fact that the Telcom
companies seem to want to control their own compilers, and have their
own compiler development groups. Seimens' compiler is mainframe
oriented, and allowed development of source as complicated as: over
Megabyte, with 26 KLOC, containing one PROC with imbedded routines to
the depth of 6 levels. I had to translate the code to maintainable
C++, with the help of Siemens engineers who designed the templates for
string, powerset, and array handling. We saw a CHILL dialect with a
more C-like flavor, though.

regards, Bob

Bob Sheff, Independent consultant available for work on source
translation projects and other interesting coding.
bsheff2 AT yahoo D O T C O M

In article 00-09-201,
    =?iso-8859-1?Q?H=E5vard?= Julsrud Hauge <> wrote:
> Hello,
> I'am a student working on a project where we are
> supposed to convert CHILL-code to C/C++-kode.

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