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1 Oct 2000 10:57:38 -0400

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Compiler positions available for week ending October 1 (2000-10-01)
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Date: 1 Oct 2000 10:57:38 -0400
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This is a digest of ``help wanted'' and ``position available'' messages
received at comp.compilers during the preceding week. Messages must
advertise a position having something to do with compilers and must also
conform to the guidelines periodically posted in
Positions that remain open may be re-advertised once a month. To respond
to a job offer, send mail to the author of the message. To submit a
message, mail it to


Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2000 11:02:32 -0700 (PDT)
From: Vatsa Santhanam <>
Subject: Job Openings in Compiler Optimization, HP, Cupertino

                                          Job Openings in Compiler Optimization
Internet & IA-64 Foundation R&D Lab
                                          Hewlett-Packard, Cupertino, California

We have multiple job openings available in the following areas:

o Compiler High-Level Optimization

      In this exciting position, you will be responsible for designing,
      implementing, and testing state-of-the-art optimization techniques in the
      areas of inlining, interprocedural alias analysis, loop transformations,
      memory hierarchy management, and parallelization for next-generation IA-64
      processors. You will work closely with performance analysis, compiler
      front-end, and compiler code generation teams to develop effective, robust
      and scalable high-level compiler optimization capabilities that enable
      increased application performance.

o Compiler Low-Level Optimization

      In this exciting position, you will be responsible for designing,
      implementing, and testing state-of-the-art optimization techniques in areas
      such as instruction scheduling, register allocation, global optimization,
      memory hierarchy management, and predicated execution for next-generation
      IA-64 processors. You will work closely with performance analysis,
      operating system, microarchitecture and other compiler component teams to
      develop effective, robust and scalable instruction-level compiler
      optimization capabilities that enable increased application performance.

Requirements for these Positions:
o BS, MS or Ph.D degree in Computer Science.
o Solid understanding of compiler optimization fundamentals and theory.
o Strong background in computer architecture and processor micro-architecture.
o Strong understanding of how architecture, compilers, and processor
      implementation impact performance.
o Previous design and implementation experience in one of the above areas
      is highly desirable.
o Strong communication and teamwork skills.

The Internet & IA-64 Foundations Research and Development Lab is responsible
for providing languages products for HP Computer systems based on PA-RISC &
IA-64 architecture. We have delivered industry-leading optimization technology
in our compilers and have helped HP achieve breakthrough performance for its
computer systems. We emphasize teamwork, initiative, innovation, and
appropriate risk-taking. You will work with a highly motivated and successful

For immediate consideration, please send a resume to one of the following:

US mail:
      Vatsa Santhanam
      Hewlett-Packard, MS 42UD
      11000 Wolfe Road
      Cupertino, CA 95014

      Attn: Vatsa Santhanam
      (408) 447-4924


Hewlett-Packard is an equal employment opportunity employer dedicated to
affirmative action and workforce diversity.


Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2000 10:37:49 -0700
From: mahesh ramachandran <>
Organization: hewlett packard
Subject: Positions Available: HP, Cupertino, CA

Positions at: Hewlett Packard, Cupertino, California

Seeking engineers for an exciting R & D project involving a confluence
of the following technologies:
  -binary translation
  -dynamic compilation and optimization (just-in-time compilation)
  -language runtime environments
  -operating systems
  -IA64, PA-RISC architectures.

Required Skills:
- BS/MS/Ph.D in computer science or equivalent discipline.

This engineer will be part of a talented team in an environment that
encourages innovation, participation in and paper submission to
conferences and journals and patents.

Contact: Mahesh Ramachandran (


From: "Carmen Cholette" <>
Subject: Compiler Engineer (C++) near Princeton, New Jersey (recruiter)
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2000 17:09:58 -0400
Organization: Rostie & Associates

This position is in Princeton, New Jersey. Fast growing start-up
developing programmable high speed multiservice communications
platforms and network processors. Spin off from research and
development division of a large company.

Offering very competitive salaries and stock options. Job Title: They
work with C++ and Unix to do front and back end compiler work. C++
experience is required but you don't need Unix experience. Senior
Compiler/Software Development Tools Engineer

Job Description:
Design tools for code development for a custom Network
Processor: compiler, instruction set simulator, debugger. Collaborate with
leading university and research institutes on development of retargetable
compiler and code generation tools for VLIW processor.

BS/MS or Ph.D in CS/EE with 3+ hands on experience in compiler design,
GCC porting, code generation and optimizations, design of the instruction
set simulators. Familiar with optimization techniques for the Instruction
Level Parallel architectures (VLIW).
Carmen Cholette
Staffing Consultant
Rostie & Associates
20 Bay St., Suite 1205
(416) 777 - 0780 ext. 3066


Subject: Even more jobs at HP, Cupertino
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2000 16:52:02 -0600

The following three positions are available with Hewlett-Packard in the
Cupertino, California site, as of October 1, 2000.

Kim Forrester
eDL Technical Recruiter
Phone: 408-447-8785

1) C/C++, UNIX, Compilers/Debuggers - Development Engineer

Work as part of a team or as a team-lead in creating an Integrated Software
Development environment for HP C, C++ and Fortran development tools. Design,
implement, test, integrate and release improvements to HP's WDB debugger
product. These new WDB features will enable troubleshooting of large
parallel and distributed programs, support new OS, and new compiler
features. Work with third-parties to create a complete solution. Seek to
understand customer needs and work with customers in developing, testing and
releasing products. This position is located in Cupertino, California at
Hewlett Packard.
If you are interested, please respond to and Reference Job Number: #686746.

Required Skills:
- System-level programming
- Programming and debugging skills in C/C++
- Experience with compiler design and construction
- Knowledge of Unix and NT platforms
- Knowledge of software development lifecycle
- Good verbal and written communication skills
- Enthusiastic, driven
- BSCS with at least 2 years experience (MSEE also considered if with strong
software design/implementation skills)

Desired Skills:
- Commercial software development experience
- Ability to lead/mentor a small team of software engineers
- Ability to successfully deliver multiple assignments in a timely manner

2) UNIX Tools/Compiler Engineer

You will be a key member of the Internal and 3rd Party Tools team of
Hewlett Packard in Cupertino, California. As part of this highly
visible team, you will be responsible for improving the effectiveness
of software development tools used within the HP software labs. Our
team is hosted in the e-Services Development lab, with active
participation from members of the target labs.Team activities include
identifying areas for tool improvement, evaluation of alternatives,
supporting other labs in tool usage, direct ownership for specific
tools, and working with outside vendors. You must be able to translate
customer needs into vendor requirements, work effectively across
projects and labs, and you must be able to technically master a wide
variety of software tools and build environments. If you are
interested, please respond to
and Reference Job Number: #685555.

Required Skills:
-Strong customer focus
-Good C or C++ programming skills
-Experience developing software on a Unix system
-Understanding of source code control systems and build environments
-BSCS or equivalent degree

Desired Skills:
-Experience developing compilers, linkers, debuggers, simulators or related
software on a UNIX system
-Experience with ClearCase
-Good Perl and scripting language programming skills
-Experience with a wide variety of software development tools
-Experience working with technology suppliers

3) Dynamic Instrumentation Engineer

Work in the fast-paced Dynamic Instrumentation project at Hewlett
Packard in Cupertino, California. Dynamic instrumentation is the
ability to alter program instructions at runtime to insert
instrumentation code. This technology is useful in developing runtime
and performance analysis tools, object code translators, dynamic
optimization, etc. The cool thing about this area is that it uses
knowledge of operating systems (HP-UX, Linux), microprocessor
architectures (IA64), and compiler background (C/C++, Java,
Fortran). The team is very diverse with people from different parts of
the world who interact freely. You will be developing major portions
of functionality in the product. You will also get to participate in
the software lifecycle of the product by doing design, implementation,
and testing of your own modules and integration testing for the whole
product. You will be responsible for innovating in these areas,
submitting patents, interacting with customers, etc. If you are
interested, please respond to
and Reference Job Number: #678005.

Required Skills:
- MS or PhD in Computer Science or equivalent experience
- Solid understanding of systems programming (operating systems, compilers,
web servers, JVM)
- Solid problem solving skills
- Solid programming experience in C/C++ and software development processes
- Strong communication (verbal and written) skills
- Strong teamwork and people skills

Desired Skills:
- Prior background in dynamic instrumentation
- Prior industry experience in the form of an internship or equivalent

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