Re: Creating my own language (Ro \"da HIT\" Man)
25 Sep 2000 13:23:36 -0400

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From: (Ro \"da HIT\" Man)
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Date: 25 Sep 2000 13:23:36 -0400
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On 21 Sep 2000 18:15:17 -0400, wrote:

>Want to create my own language (for learning sake) using C++ and
>assembly. any recommeded resources? is this the right place to ask such
>a question? asked in the c++ group, they said i should ask here.

er yes,I guess. if you want to do that you should first of all check
out the Dragon Book, that is pretty much the definitive authority on
this sort of thing,I think. It's a Computer Science TEXTbook by the
way, on the off chance that you're saying this from a "hacker"
perspective, and a pretty heavy read. Otherwise you can get in touch
with Randall Hyde,I think he's here on this group, otherwise try
alt.lang.asm. He's made his own little (semi) language, to abstract
assembly language a little, to make it easier for newbies to learn. If
you mail him, he should be able to give you a list of links which will
help you.


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