Error reporting with YACC (or Bison)
21 Sep 2000 18:13:36 -0400

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 21 Sep 2000 18:13:36 -0400
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Keywords: yacc, errors, comment

(This is pretty heady newsgroup, so I'm almost embarrassed to post this
question here. If there is a more appropriate group for this type of
question, please let me know. OK, onto the question...)

I used Flex and Bison to write an interpreter for a simple c-like
language. When Bison encounters a syntax error it spits out "parse
error". I want to give more descriptive error messages, such
as "expecting semicolon after line 3". How would I go about this?

The best I can think of so far is to create productions in my grammar
for every bogus syntax I can think of, and generate errors when they
are recognized.

Is there a better way using these tools?

[Not really. Yacc doesn't give you much help at error recovery. People
have tried to do better error reports over the years, see the comp.compilers
archives. -John]

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