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Gunnar Braun <>
30 Jul 2000 08:44:12 -0400

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From: Gunnar Braun <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 30 Jul 2000 08:44:12 -0400
Organization: Aachen University of Technology (RWTH)
References: <>
Keywords: architecture, optimize

Hi Peter,

thank you for your answer. To clear up things a bit:

pStage is a two dimensional array, with the integer indicies StageNr
(from 0 to 5) and i (from 0 to maximum 8). Each array element is a
struct consisting of a pointer to another table (pInsnTableLine) and a
function pointer to member function of the class the function
with the loop belongs to, too.

On Sun, 30 Jul 2000 wrote:

> You seem to be referring to the loop:
> > for (StageNr = 5; StageNr >= 0; StageNr--)
> > {
> > i = 0;
> > while (m_pStaticTable[m_TableNr][m_CurrentLine].pStage[StageNr][i].OpFuncPtr)
> > {
> > itab = m_pStaticTable[m_TableNr][m_CurrentLine].pStage[StageNr][i].pInsnTableLine;
> > (this->*m_pStaticTable[m_TableNr][m_CurrentLine].pStage[StageNr][i++].OpFuncPtr)(itab);
> > }
> > }
> (whereas StageNr is local). Set up a pointer to
> m_pStaticTable[m_TableNr][m_CurrentLine] before the StageNr loop.
> If pStage is an array of pointers (rather than a two-dimensional array),
> set up another pointer to (first pointer)->pStage[StageNr]
> at the spot where you initialize i = 0.

The problem is, that the compiler does not allow to call the function
that belongs to OpFuncPtr, if I set up a pointer
    m_pStaticTable[m_TableNr][m_CurrentLine] or
The compiler detects that the pointer refers to a member function of the
class and tells me, that I have to call the function via the this
pointer. It might be possible if I define the help variable for the
pointers as member variables, too. I'll try that in a minute.

> If each pStage[StageNr] is a pointer to a variably-sized
> region (length possibly dependent on how high i should go), try to
> organize memory so the regions for different StageNr values are nearby,
> This should help your cache locality.

pStage[StageNr] is a fixed sized region to always 8 entries. Therefore
I guess the entries are lying one by another in memory.

Thanks for the help,

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