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27 Jul 2000 21:38:46 -0400

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Date: 27 Jul 2000 21:38:46 -0400
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I suppose if you can show that the language grammar has a production
of the form

where B and C are non-terminals you have your proof. Regular
languages have to have no more than a single non terminal on
either side in any production in the grammar, going by
chomsky's hierarchy. (Thomaspan2000) wrote:
> Currently, I use lex and yacc to write a parser for a C-like
language. The
> problem is I want to know whether it is regular or not. Since it
> if ...
> else if ...
> ...
> else ...
> it is not a regular language. But how to prove? I know lex and yacc
> LALR language and there is also a pumping lemma for regular sets. But
how to
> prove one language is not regular language?

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