Re: 64-bit ELF Cross Compiler (Phil Edwards)
27 Jul 2000 21:37:44 -0400

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From: (Phil Edwards)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 27 Jul 2000 21:37:44 -0400
Organization: $home is where the core is
References: 00-07-042
Keywords: GCC, architecture

Patryk Zadarnowski <> wrote:
+ - the 64bit MIPS (and possibly others) GNU linker is completely broken
+ (it patches pointers to almost random values.)

I wondered what the call to rand() was doing in there...

+ Also, I would very much
+ like to hear of experiences people had using GCC on SPARC v9.

Take a look at the GCC mailing list archives or the Sun groups. Summary:
all the experiences are bad, since the assembly generated is sometimes
illegal (the integer long division IIRC). The GCC FAQ has an entry on
this subject, which I expect will be updated as progress is made.

+ assembler listing, so I'm staying clear of sparc64 GCC untill I hear

Using "sparc64" can be misleading. Apparently this was a mis-applied name
for some variation of Linux at one point. I'm fuzzy on the details (and
the GCC installation instructions get it wrong a couple of times, too),
but "sparcv9" is the best term to use when talking about GCC. In the
current source code, that is the platform name being generated as well.


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