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23 Jul 2000 17:05:14 -0400

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Date: 23 Jul 2000 17:05:14 -0400
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<> wrote in message news:8lbs8s$vge$
> I had a question about yacc and using it to write a language
> parser. (Not directly related to C, i know, but semantic actions
> in yacc are specified in C :))
> Say if you are implementing a scope stack for scope,
> say a production
> Function : begin listofstatements end
> etc
> and begin and end are the scope delimiters in any scope nested
> to any level where does one push or pop the scope stack???? I gotta
> admit this is sort of a yacc question.

Short answer: I hate yacc.

Long answer: yacc only parses. Anything else is entirely up to you. That
means creating a data structure of some kind, #including the header for it
at the top of your grammar, and performing operations on that structure as
your actions.


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