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4 Jul 2000 18:39:37 -0400

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Date: 4 Jul 2000 18:39:37 -0400
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This is a digest of ``help wanted'' and ``position available'' messages
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advertise a position having something to do with compilers and must also
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From: (Christian Fabre)
Subject: Java job at Silicomp, Grenoble FR
Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2000 14:47:43 +0200

The Silicomp Research Institute is now recruiting compiler engineers
for its lab in Grenoble, France, to work on Java compilers.

Applicants should send resume in ASCII, PDF, Postscript, Word or Frame
format to James Loveluck at:

Job description:

Work with a small team developing Java compilers. The work includes
design and specifications, development and testing of new software,
and support of our existing software.

These positions provide opportunities to develop creativity and
problem solving skills in a highly technical development environment
that stresses both independence and collaboration with other team

The ideal candidate will have broad knowledge in computing science
plus strong interest in object oriented language interpreters and

Applicants should speak English fluently, work well in teams, be self
motivated, move rapidly and confidently to tackle new challenges.

For more information about our compilation offering see: =

Job Requirements:

  - PhD or MSc in computer science;

  - Preferably industry experience, but not required;

  - Experience with compilers for senior candidates, in particular code
      generation, register allocation and local optimization;

  - Experience in advanced compilation techniques, such as SSA form or
      partial evaluation is a plus;

  - Object-oriented design;

  - Java experience preferably but not required;

  - Experience with ARM, x86 or Hitachi SH processor is a plus;

  - Knowledge of computer architecture and hardware concepts;

  - Ability to rapidly understand an existing code base;

The company:

Silicomp Research Institute is a fully owned subsidiary of Groupe
Silicomp, an international company with headquarters in Grenoble,

  - Groupe Silicomp:

  - Silicomp Research Institute:

  - Grenoble is a comunity of 400,000 inhabitants located in the French


Subject: Jobs at HP, Cupertino CA
Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2000 16:56:05 -0700

1) UNIX Engineer

You will be a key member of the newly established Internal and 3rd Party
Tools team of Hewlett Packard in Cupertino, California. As part of this
highly visible project, you will work directly with both HP development
teams and with supplier development teams on their development projects. The
aim is to continuously improve both internal development and supplier
success on behalf of HP customers. The 3rd Party Tools team activities
include identifying tool areas for improvement, evaluation of alternatives,
supporting other labs in tool usage, direct ownership for specific tools,
and working with software suppliers. You must be able to translate customer
needs into supplier requirements, and lead or help with implementation.
Likely initial assignments include:
1. Help establish the Internal and 3rd Party Tools processes and methods.
2. Work on site at Rational to port their Pure tools to IA-64 HP-UX.
3. Collaborate with customers to identify new tools opportunities.
If you are interested, please respond to

Required Skills:
- BSCS or equivalent degree (MSCS preferred) Strong customer focus.
- Experience developing compilers, linkers, debuggers, simulators or related
software on a Unix system.
- Good programming skills, both in C and at least one assembly language.
- Understanding of Unix process model and run time system for the C

Desired Skills:
- HP-UX and/or IA-64 skill and knowledge
- Good C++ programming skills.
- Skill, knowledge, and interest in improving software development
productivity through improved development tools.
- Experience working with third party software suppliers would be nice.

2) Dynamic Instrumentation Engineer

Work in the fast-paced Dynamic Instrumentation project at Hewlett Packard in
Cupertino, California. Dynamic instrumentation is the ability to alter
program instructions at runtime to insert instrumentation code. This
technology is useful in developing runtime and performance analysis tools,
object code translators, dynamic optimization, etc. The cool thing about
this area is that it uses knowledge of operating systems (HP-UX, Linux),
microprocessor architectures (IA64), and compiler background (C/C++, Java,
Fortran). The team is very diverse with people from different parts of the
world who interact freely during work and outside work. So we work hard, but
also play hard.
You will be developing major portions of functionality in the product. You
will also get to participate in the software lifecycle of the product by
doing design, implementation, and testing of your own modules and
integration testing for the whole product. You will be responsible for
innovating in these areas, submitting patents, interacting with customers,
If you are interested, please respond to

Required Skills:
- MS or PhD in Computer Science or equivalent experience
- Solid understanding of systems programming (operating systems, compilers,
web servers, JVM)
- Solid problem solving skills.
- Solid programming experience in C/C++ and software development processes.
- Strong communication (verbal and written) skills.
- Strong teamwork and people skills.

Desired Skills:
- Prior background in dynamic instrumentation.
- Prior industry experience in the form of an internship or equivalent.

3) Open Source Engineer

Hewlett Packard's Open Source Software Development Tools Team in Cupertino,
California is responsible for HP-UX open source tools strategy as well as
the delivery of open source software to our customers. The team works with
HP internal and external partners as well as the open source community to
ensure that tools are available on HP-UX platforms (both IA-64 and PA-RISC)
and to ensure tool quality and performance. We are looking for an engineer
with a broad base of abilities and a willingness to do a variety of jobs. As
a member of the team, your primary responsible will be to deliver complete
tool solutions to customers with particular attention to quality, usability,
and accessibility. This will include installation, building, gathering
dependencies, porting, testing, and the delivery of open source tools. You
will work with internal and external partners and the open source community
to update, make available, and expand the set of open source tools for
HP-UX. If you are interested, please respond to

Marginal Responsibilities:

The team has a broad base of responsibility and there are other
responsibilities, in addition to your primary responsibility, that you would
have depending on your skill set and/or interest. These responsibilities
could include: web based tool and information delivery, tutorials,
presentations, individual tool expertise (e.g., GNU compiler toolchain,
perl), performance analysis, and software development.

Required Skills:
- a BS in computer science or equivalent industry experience,
- 2-3 years of experience with HP-UX (or equivalent Unix) software delivery,
installation, building, and testing,
- demonstrated ability to work with partners,
- flexible with a broad set of skills,
- strong communication and teamwork skills.

Desired Skills:
- Open source tools experience (e.g., GNU compiler toolchain, perl)
- Interest in open source software and its development
- Good knowledge of Linux
- Good knowledge of C and/or C++
- Software development experience

Kim Forrester
eDL Technical Recruiter
Phone: 408-447-8785

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