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"Pat Terry" <>
15 May 2000 23:48:35 -0400

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Latest versions of Coco/r (Pat Terry) (2000-05-15)
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From: "Pat Terry" <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 15 May 2000 23:48:35 -0400
Organization: Compilers Central
Keywords: tools, available

Updated releases of Coco/R (a compiler generator that produces recursive
descent parsers from attribute grammars) have been made available. Check out

for details. The new releases for C/C++, Pascal, Modula-2 and the
Terry variation of the version for Java incorporate various
improvements to the scanner generator part of the system; the Pascal
version is now also believed to be compatible with the Free Pascal
compiler system for various platforms. They are available from the
ftp sites

In Europe
In South Africa
In the USA

The WWW site

carries the online copy of my text "Compilers and Compiler Generators"
which makes extensive use of Coco/R. On the site you can find the
text in various downloadable formats - PDF, PS, HTML.

Since it was made available, this site has attracted an encouraging
number of hits and downloads - some 50 or more a week - but little
feedback, which would be welcomed.

Pat Terry, Computer Science, Rhodes University
Phone +27-(46)-6038292 Fax +27-(46)-6361915

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