Re: incremental LR compilation?

Alexander Rozenman <>
10 May 2000 02:49:45 -0400

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From: Alexander Rozenman <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 10 May 2000 02:49:45 -0400
Organization: Innoveda Co (was Summit Design EDA)
References: 00-05-027
Keywords: incremental


There are some references about incremental parsing:
1. (a classical one) Celentano.A. "Incremental Parsers".
      Acta Informatica, vol 10, p 307, 1978
2. Agrawal.R, Detro K. "An Efficient Incremental LR Parser
      for grammars with epsilon productions".
      Acta Informatica, vol 19, p 369, 1983.
3. Ferro.M, Dion.B. "Efficient Incremental Parsing for
      context free languages" (I have postscript if you need).

About incremental compilation you can see some articles
by Thomas Reps (
It has many links to other books and articles.

meson wrote:
> I need need information about incremental LR compilation. Are there
> any web sites or books that give a detailed explanation of these
> techniques?
title:Software engineer.
fn:Alexander Rozenman

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