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Dave MacQueen <>
15 Jan 2000 14:41:28 -0500

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announcement of ckit (Dave MacQueen) (2000-01-15)
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From: Dave MacQueen <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 15 Jan 2000 14:41:28 -0500
Organization: Compilers Central
Keywords: C, tools, available, ML

We're pleased to announce the availability of ckit, a C frontend
written in SML that translates C source code (after preprocessing)
into abstract syntax represented as a set of SML datatypes. Ckit also
provides facilities for extending the C language with additional
syntactic constructs, which can be useful for implementing "C-like"
domain-specific languages as well as C dialects.

Ckit is currently used as the frontend for domain-specific languages
and for a variety of tools for static analysis of C code.

Documentation is still rudimentary at this point. There is an
overview file (doc/overview.html) explaining how to get started,
and the signatures of the major components are commented.

The ckit web page is

The second beta-release of the ckit software is available at:

Contact address (including bug reports):
Check the URL above for current status and updates.

    Nevin Heintze <>
    Dino Oliva <>
    Dave MacQueen <>

Dave MacQueen
Room 2C-480, Bell Labs, 600 Mountain Ave, Murray Hill, NJ 07974

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