CFP EuroPar 2000 High Performance Compilers track (midkiff)
12 Jan 2000 03:45:42 -0500

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CFP EuroPar 2000 High Performance Compilers track (2000-01-12)
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From: (midkiff)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 12 Jan 2000 03:45:42 -0500
Organization: IBM_Research
Keywords: CFP, conference, parallel

                                                      Call for papers
                                                        Euro-Par 2000
                                                      Munich, Germany
                                      August 29 - September 1, 2000


Topic 04: Compilers for High Performance

Topic Committee :

                  Global chair : Samuel P. Midkiff
                                                            IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, NY
                  Vice-chair : Barbara Chapman
                                                            Department of Computer Science,
                                                            University of Houston, TX
                  Vice-chair : Jean-Francois Collard
                                                            CNRS - Laboratoire PRISM, Versailles, France
                  Local chair : Jens Knoop
                                                            Department of Computer Science,
                                                            University of Dortmund, Germany

Description :

This topic deals with all subjects concerning automatic
parallelization and technology for the compilation of program for high
performance systems, in particular for optimizing the utilization of
system resources, including, but not limited to, power consumption,
code size, memory requirements, etc.

A (non-exclusive) selection of standard issues covered is listed
below. The interplay between compiler technology and development and
execution environments is also included. Target programming styles
comprise the usual sequential imperative languages, but also very high
level, data-parallel, object-oriented, and single-assignment
languages. Of particular interest are approaches aimed at enhancing
the utility of Java for numerical applications. We also encourage
submissions on practical experiences, in particular, industrial case
studies, to assess the benefits and limitations and the essential
reasons responsible for success or failure of current automatic
parallelization techniques and programming styles.

Topics of interest include :
              - static analysis
              - program transformations
              - scheduling
              - allocation, mapping
              - code generation
              - automatic parallelisation
              - compiling for hybrid and heterogeneous systems

There are commonalities with other Euro-Par topics (#03, #07 and
#14, in particular) but, in contrast to them, we focus on automatic
extraction and exploitation of parallelism.

Euro-Par conference series :

Euro-Par is the annual European conference on parallel computing. It
is dedicated to the promotion and advancement of all aspects of parallel

Euro-Par 2000 is organized as a day of tutorials, two half-day plenary
sessions, and a number of parallel sessions.

Paper submission :

Authors are requested to use the electronic form on the web site
to submit their paper to the topic they judge most appropriate.

Official Address and Organization:

For any questions related to Euro-Par 2000 please refer to our
web site:
or e-mail to:

The key dates are:

                  - January 31st 2000 : Final Date for Submissions
                  - May 1st 2000 : Acceptances Notified
                  - June 1st 2000 : Final Copy and Author Registration due
                  - June 30th 2000 : Early Registration Deadline
                  - August 1st 2000 : Late Registration Deadline

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